X3R vs. X3 Sport — Which Bat Caddy is Suitable for You?

Bat Caddy X3 Sport

For any golfer, buying a motorized golf caddy is a big deal. After all, investing in a remote-controlled or manual electric golf caddy has numerous benefits. It also shows that you are serious about your game, thus making a purchase to improve your experience on the course.

But many golfers have difficulty deciding whether to pick a remote-controlled golf caddy or a manual electric one. So to put the debate to rest, we will compare two popular products, Bat Caddy X3 Sport and Bat Caddy X3R.

If you are about to buy a golf caddy for the first time and need help deciding which Bat Caddy product suits you, then here’s all the information you need. Read below to find out the differences (and similarities) between Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport to make a choice.

About the Manufacturer

First, let’s talk about the manufacturer of these superior golf caddies that have become a major part of the multi-million dollar golf caddy market.

Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport are both manufactured by Bat Caddy, a US-based motorized golf caddy manufacturer. The company was founded in 2004 and, ever since then, has become one of the most popular brands for electric golf carts and remote-controlled caddies. The other products offered by Bat Caddy include Bat Caddy X4R and X4 Sport, Bat Caddy X8R, and the latest Bat Caddy X9R.

Bat Caddy X3R

Differences Between Bat Caddy X3R and X3 Sport

Let’s look at the different (and some similar) features of Bat Caddy X3R and X3 Sport.

Multi-Directional Remote Control

The biggest difference between Bat Caddy X3R and X3 Sport is of remote control. Bat Caddy X3R comes with a multi-directional remote control that you can synchronize with your golf caddy and use to navigate the vehicle on the golf course. Bat Caddy X3 Sport, on the other hand, does not have a remote control and has to be manually steered on the golf course.

Motor Power

Bat Caddy X3R has a dual 200W motor that’s robust yet noise-free. So when you’re maneuvering Bat Caddy X3R on the golf course, don’t worry about any possibility of noise pollution! On the other hand, Bat Caddy X3 Sport has a single 200W powered motor which is also noise-free.


Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport are both compatible with standard lithium, advanced lithium, and SLA batteries. This means that golfers who want to have the freedom to choose the battery type based on their golfing needs can count on both these electric and remote control variants of Bat Caddy.

Electric Bat Caddy

Speed Controls

Bat Caddy X3R allows golfers to navigate forward and backward with its nine different speed adjustments on the control panel. Now you can choose to take your Bat Caddy forward or backward at your desired speed. Bat Caddy X3 Sport only offers nine speed controls for forward movement.

Downhill Navigation

Bat Caddy X3R is loved for its smooth maneuvering. Take your Bat Caddy X3R downhill with confidence, as the remote-controlled golf caddy has the technology to support rough-terrain rides too. However, Bat Caddy X3 Sport does not offer this feature, as you are manually in control of your electric golf caddy.

Manual Control

And if you want more control of Bat Caddy X3R on uneven terrains, you can opt for optional manual control. Manually steer your golf caddy whenever you need to without worrying about tripping your golf bag.

Speed Recall Memory

Both Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport have the speed recall memory feature. This allows golfers who are manually operating the golf caddy to start and immediately drive the caddy with on its previous setting. This prevents the need to physically reach the golf caddy to set speed after every round and continue the game.

Handle of Bat Caddy X3R

Anti-Tipping Wheel

Anti-tipping wheel are only available in Bat Caddy X3R. This giant anti-tipping wheel is a popular feature of the remote-controlled golf caddy and helps golfers focus on the game without worrying about their caddy’s safety on the course.

Auto-Timed Distance Feature

Auto-timed distance feature is available both in Bat Caddy X3R and X3 Sport. Both the electric and remote control variants of the golf caddy allow smooth, error-free maneuvering of the vehicle due to sensor-based distant gauging.

Freewheel Feature

In case the battery of your Bat Caddy X3R or X3 Sport discharges in between a game, don’t worry at all! The free wheeling feature helps golfers to steer the golf cart with handles without needing any battery power.

Electric golf caddy wheel


The biggest difference between Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport is that of pricing. Bat Caddy X3 Sport is available for $399, and Bat Caddy X3R is available for $699. Both remote-controlled and manual electric golf caddies are two of the most pocket-friendly golf caddies in their respective categories.

Final Word

Eventually, it all comes down to two main factors that are pricing and remote control usability. If you are an experienced golfer, have owned golf caddies for a while, and want to upgrade, Bat Caddy X3R is your best bet. But if you want to spend a little less at first to get used to an electric golf caddy on the course, then Bat Caddy X3 Sport is the right fit for your golfing needs.

Lastly, both Bat Caddy X3R and Bat Caddy X3 Sport are the two most popular golf caddies in their respective categories. So golfers who want value for money can blindly trust these elite golf caddies for their everyday golfing game.

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