A Review of GC3 Launch Monitor

The Foresight Sports GC3 is a high-end golf launch monitor. It bridges the gap between the stereoscopic GC2 system and the modern GCQuad.

This monitor is highly developed and can deliver precision, and mobility that is competitive with the GCQuad and still substantially less expensive. This is the key selling point of the product. Have a look at foresight gc3 review here.


GC3 is a launch tracker that uses a variety of infrared object identification. These components record higher quality and precise video with its system to record the movements accurately and measure several field and ball data parameters.

The GC3 currently features a triscopic photometric image sensor device.

A comprehensive 3D imaging of the club and ball at collision is created using three increased-speed vertically set cameras. This process produces readings that are raw but not approximated.

The GC3 and GCQuad are very similar regarding their compact, transportable aesthetics. It provides a greater output and a touch interface panel.

Setting up GC3

  1. Plugin the Device and allow it to charge fully.
  2. Connect the Device to a WIFI or a wired Ethernet.
  3. Register the Device using the QR code.
  4. Place the Device 2 feet away from the field on the ground.
  5. Keep it perpendicularly straight from the target line.
  6. It can capture movements and collect data within 7″x10″.
  7. After detecting movements, the device displays “ready” on the screen with contrasting blue or green lights.
  8. If you want club stats, use the club markers.

Core Features

  • side frame
  • launch frame
  • side spins
  • total swings
  • carry
  • ball speed

Club marker features

  • attack frame
  • performance factor
  • speed of club head

The GC3 neither detects face frames, lofts, slope, hitting spot, or closure frequency nor offers to put statistics, in contrast to the GCQuad.


The device has exceptional accuracy and is on par compared to GCQuad. The research proves that ball data stats are mathematically relevant up to 3%, as the speed stats are very close. The club’s data is likely to range from 0-4%. Both devices use the same flight and capturing techniques. Thus have similar results.

Golf stimulation

E6 connect

E6Connect is an advanced golf Simulator, in which you get a range of features like a complete driving range, field, online competitions, multiplayer modes, and adjustable game setup. This software has a fair price.

FSX play

The device from Foresight Sports delivers amazingly realistic golf stimulations. The Unity graphics engine powers FSX Play, which employs HDRP.It has an upgraded user interface, 3D grass, rich textures, ambient gliding, and more.


FSX2020 is the original software for Foresight Sports.FSX is a comprehensive software package that includes practice facilities, full-course play, skill-challenging tests, and competing against players worldwide.


The GC3 launch monitor starts at $7,000.It contains the FSX 2020 software package with ten courses.

The Bushnell Launch Pro is the GC3 rebranded as a Bushnell Golf product.

You can purchase the minimum features for $3,999.99 and get subscription options to access more data.